VetSnap Practice Success Story

Echo Ridge Veterinary Hospital

A busy mixed animal practice with mobile trucks chooses VetSnap and achieves effortless organization of their controlled substance drug log
Staff can now track containers and logs in their hospital, and out in their trucks on farm calls via mobile phones and tablets

“When receiving controlled drug inventory, it used to take hours to create all the correct paper logs per container and balance our totals in different areas of the hospital. With Vetsnap, what used to take me hours, now only takes me minutes! I am able to restock all our received inventory while my doctor puts on coveralls for a farm call! We can log all our drugs used from the mobile truck using our phones and all balances are easy to see in one location at the click of a button. Instead of waiting weeks or months to reconcile, it is done daily and I know VetSnap will catch all discrepancies so I can address them right away, not months later. All while being DEA compliant so I no longer worry if we get audited. I cannot go back to paper!”

Cass, Hospital Administrator & LVT, Echo Ridge Veterinary Hospital

Log Anytime, Anywhere

The hospital’s controlled drug log is available from any device, while keeping track of all container balances no matter their location.

Security You Can Trust

The VetSnap platform makes it easy to select individual permissions, so you have control to set up your logbook users, ensuring security while tracking every single thing.

Relieve Reconcile Headaches

Nightly integration with PIMS catches all discrepancies in real time and shows you where the issue is, ensuring Echo Ridge’s logbook stays accurate, balanced, and DEA compliant.


Evans, WA


3 doctors


Mixed Animals, Mobile Trucks


Echo Ridge Veterinary Hospital struggled with maintaining accurate logbooks and balances in their mobile trucks. In emergency situations, it can be difficult to remember exactly what you used while out in the middle of the night on a call. Reconciling these discrepancies would take hours of time, printing different reports and cross-referencing log books that were all in different locations. 



The time spent recording controlled drug inventory and reconciling quantities in their paper logbooks led to less time available to spend on patients and less time at home with their families. In an industry plagued with high burnout, something needed to change.



After the practice owner heard about VetSnap through a continuing education webinar she attended, she requested Cass, the hospital administrator & LVT, to look into this platform for digitally controlled drug logging. 



After meeting with the VetSnap team and seeing the possibility of their lives changing for the better with VetSnap, Cass knew there was no going back. There would be no more headaches with reconciliation or worrying whether they were DEA compliant. “My quality of life truly has improved since implementing VetSnap in our hospital, which in turn means I can give a higher quality of care to my patients.” -Cass 

Want to Achieve Similar Results?

VetSnap’s DEA compliant digital controlled drug log integrates with your PIMS to automatically flag potential log errors and help reconcile and track inventory levels.

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