Make DEA and State Compliance Easy, Smart, and Fast

Best-in-class logging, reconciliation, and reporting made for veterinary practices by veterinary professionals

Your Complete Digital Solution for Controlled Drug Compliance

Digital Controlled Logbooks with Automation, Error-Catching, and 1-Click PMP Reporting

Highly recommended by leading veterinary DEA consultants. Leverage controlled drug logbooks with PMP Assistant, to help your team with DEA and state compliance.
Your VetSnap logbook is integrated with your PIMS to autofill many necessary fields for efficient logging. Entries are automatically checked for errors and discrepancies between logs and invoice. We handle the math, and balances are tracked at the container level with guided processes that help you keep inventory records up to date and accurate. Manage user permissions for activities with signatures and unique PIN codes for each employee. Learn more

Smart Safes and Lockers with Integrated Digital Logbook and User Access Management

VetSnap Integrated Safes and Lockers partner with dependable, well known vendors. Implement reliable and secure access control for all your controlled drugs and high-value inventory.
VetSnap Integrated Safes and Lockers are designed to be affordable and efficient controlled drug dispensing solutions for every veterinary hospital. Just buy compatible hardware that fits your needs straight from the manufacturers or at your favorite hardware stores, enable integration with VetSnap Logbook, and gain full control over your entire stock of critical drugs. Learn more
Making DEA Compliance an Easy Task in All 50 States
Our digital controlled drugs logbook helps your hospital comply with Federal DEA Regulations and meets the minimum electronics record keeping requirements in all 50 states, while offering best-in-class logging, reconciliation, tracking, and reporting processes.

Seamless Integration with
Veterinary Practice Information Management Systems (PIMS)

Minimize your time spent with logging and error checking, with auto-fill and automated invoice validation

Why is it more important now, than ever before to comply with DEA and State Controlled Drugs Regulations?

Access to controlled medications is essential for your veterinary practice to deliver optimal medical care and ensure the well-being of our beloved pets. It is widely known that although exact figures are not published, the DEA and state agencies are focusing their attention on veterinary hospitals. Infractions incur significant costs, including expenses for expert support and legal assistance in cases where follow-up and improvements are necessary due to violations

95%+ of audit compliance infractions come from logging omissions and inaccuracies

VetSnap is constantly and tirelessly improving to help hospitals simplify and comply

DEA experts report that veterinary practices often fail to meet record keeping requirements, either by not logging the right information or by missing out on key components of record keeping. With VetSnap as your compliance partner, you more easily meet your requirements, and equally important, you are able to show auditors your efforts, leveraging VetSnap’s suite of logging, reporting, and dispensing solutions.

Top Reasons that Veterinary Practices are Choosing VetSnap to Simplify their Controlled Substances Routine

Digital Logbook

Logs with auto-fill and error catching allow your hospital to excel at compliance while minimizing effort and headaches

Easy and Fast
PMP Reporting

Generate timely and accurate PMP submissions in a few clicks

Access Control Inventory Management

Intelligent access control and recordkeeping improves accountability and simplifies user permissioning

Stress Free DEA Compliance

Make DEA compliance easy with VetSnap’s digital logbook compliant with record-keeping requirements in all 50 states

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