Make DEA and State PMP Compliance
Easy and Fast 

Take charge with VetSnap’s digital controlled drug log software with seamless PIMS integration

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Powerful Inventory Solution That Puts You Back In Control And Saves You Time

Explore how VetSnap’s controlled log book will help your practice

Best in class controlled drug log software that does  auto-reconciliation to your PIMS records so you don’t have to. Quickly and efficiently create log entries that auto-populate many necessary fields required by DEA. Never have to deal with simple math or handwriting again. 

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Making DEA Compliance an Easy Task in All 50 States

Our digital controlled drug log complies with Federal DEA Regulations and meets the minimum record-keeping requirements in all 50 states all while offering best-in-class tracking and reconciliation process

Seamless Integration with
Veterinary Practice Management Software

Minimize time spent on manual entry and reduce errors in real-time

Why Veterinarians
Are Moving to VetSnap


VetSnap makes DEA compliance easier than ever and gives you and your staff time back by alleviating  the manual effort and risk of maintaining paper DEA controlled drug logbooks.

75% or More Time Savings vs Paper Logbooks

Significantly reduce time spent managing paper logs by using a digital controlled log book that simplifies log creation and reconciliation

Reduce Time Spent Catching Missing
Logs & Errors

Avoid costly fines by addressing error in in real-time and ensuring that all staff are recording logs in a standardized, reviewable manner

Top Reasons that Small and Large Practices and Specialty Referral Centers are Choosing VetSnap

Stress Free DEA Compliance

Make DEA compliance easy with VetSnap’s digital logbook compliant with record-keeping requirements in all 50 states

Simplified Drug Management

Inventory management is easier than ever with real-time tracking of restocked, opened, logged, and finished containers

Speedy Drug Logging

VetSnap populates all necessary client and patient information for your logs directly from your PIMS, saving time and reducing errors

Catch Errors Faster

VetSnap is your reconciliation partner in highlighting potential discrepancies between your logs and your practice management system records

Helpful Reconciliation Tools

Filter, organize, and quickly search across logbook reports instead of spending time manually flipping through paper logs

Mobile & Desktop Enabled

Access your log from anywhere in your hospital and on the road via the desktop or mobile app, so you don’t have to track multiple paper logbook balances

Security & Reporting

Manage user permissions and see change histories with unique digital signatures. All your data is secured and accessible 24/7 in the cloud with printable paper reports

Pre-Built PIMS Integration

Save time with auto-populated patient and client information, validated usage and more with VetSnap’s practice management system integrations

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