About VetSnap

At VetSnap, we’re not just a tech company – 90% of our team has worked in veterinary hospitals, so we speak fluent vet! Our mission is simple: raise awareness about controlled drug compliance and offer an approachable solution for all
VetSnap Team
We’re a passionate crew of veterinary professionals, and we’ve walked in your shoes. From late-night emergencies to the dreaded controlled drug logbooks, we understand the challenges and struggles of veterinary medicine. As pet parents ourselves, we know firsthand the importance of providing quality care. That’s why VetSnap was born – to streamline and simplify your compliance workflows, and free you up to focus on what truly matters: your patients. So, get ready to meet the experts who’ll empower your practice and make DEA compliance easier than ever before – welcome to the VetSnap family!

Our Team

Sales & Education

From the moment you say “hello,” our friendly and knowledgeable Sales & Education Team stands at your side, ready to start you on your VetSnap journey. Led by Cecilia, VetSnap’s Director of Sales and Partnerships, she and her team are the first faces you’ll see when booking your personalized Q&A meeting to learn more about VetSnap. Our Sales Specialists take the time to understand your practice’s unique needs and concerns during this 1:1 meeting. With decades of combined veterinary technician experience, they know your challenges firsthand and are passionate about showing you how VetSnap can streamline your workflows. Our Sales Specialists walk you through VetSnap’s intuitive features, showcasing how we can not only revolutionize your controlled drug logbook, but also simplify compliance for your team, saving you time and headaches. When you’re ready to sign up, your Sales Specialists will be your trusted guide as you start your VetSnap journey!

Customer Success Team

These are the next faces you will meet when you sign on: Led by Annie-Kate and Lacy, our expert onboarding team is with you 100% of the way as you begin your VetSnap journey. The Customer Success Team is composed of veterinary professionals who have taught over 1,000 practices how to use VetSnap effectively and they’ll meet with you multiple times as you begin using VetSnap, to make this transition smoother than a puppy’s belly. They are your cheer squad and a shoulder to lean on as you navigate your onboarding training sessions and become a VetSnap pro. Plus, if you ever need a helping paw during your VetSnap journey the Customer Success Team’s dedicated Support Squad is always just a click away! Whether you’ve forgotten a training tidbit or you’ve encountered a logbook wrinkle, consider them your VetSnap superheroes, ready to swoop in and help you save the day and ensure that your practice runs smoothly every step of the way.

Engineering & Development

While you might not come face to face with this last team they are a key part of your VetSnap journey! Every VetSnap feature, every seamless workflow, every click of the mouse you love? That’s our brilliant Product Development and Engineering Team in action! They pour their passion into building, innovating, and refining VetSnap, all based on your suggestions, the pain points and friction that we see as we work with our hospitals, and in discussions with industry compliance experts. So next time you experience the power of VetSnap, remember the unseen wizards behind the curtain making it all possible.

Want To Be Part Of The VetSnap Team?

From time to time when we have openings we will post them on our LinkedIn page. Please check there for more information.