VetSnap Smart Safes & Lockers

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Simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and powered by VetSnap’s best-in-class digital logging, reconciliation, and reporting platform

VetSnap Integrated Smart Safes and Lockers use hardware chosen for reliability and durability. Our goal is to provide veterinary hospitals and mobile practices with inventory control systems that help simplify and drive compliance and inventory control for your critical controlled drugs and other high value medications.

Want to see how VetSnap can help you manage user access, logging and reconciliation, and improve compliance and revenue capture? Reach out to learn how we can help!

  • Choose where to place your VetSnap Safes and Key Lockers in your practice. With a low monthly fee per location, you don’t need to compromise on security and process
  • Put your controlled drugs and other inventory where you want to, and easily manage access, and activity records within your VetSnap account
  • Access permissions are extremely flexible and detailed, with unlimited users
  • Access can be assigned per location and per user
  • Audit ready data tying hardware access to logs
  • Gain full control over your entire stock of critical drug and have a partner in reducing missing charges

Affordable. No contracts, hidden fees, or surprises.

Own your hardware forever!

Buy compatible, affordable, reliable hardware straight from the manufacturers or at your favorite hardware stores

Reliable and secure (bolt down) safes that will hold most common containers used by your practice. 

11″ depth X 13″ width X 9.5″ height

Implement digitally controlled access for existing secured locations. Keep your keys within keyboxes and manage access control with VetSnap.

Choosing between a dispensing machine or
VetSnap Integrated Lockers?

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Up to this point, automated dispensing machines for veterinary practices have been out of reach for the vast majority of practices. The cost to acquire and operate them can be in the thousands per month, not to mention the high rental fees significantly impact EBITDA numbers that many hospitals look to as a key performance metrics

VetSnap Integrated Safes and Lockers are designed to be affordable for every hospital out there. Whether you are a multi-site specialty, referral clinic, mobile practitioner, or a multi or single practitioner in a hospital, our low monthly fee for our integrated inventory access management makes the decision easy. We will never lock you into a contract, and your hardware is affordable and yours to own forever.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Electronic dispensing cabinets, with many moving parts and limitations to the user interface, can actually impede the flow of a high performing hospital. The size + cost means compromising on where you could place your critical inventory. We hear stories of cabinets stored in hospitals unused, while they still had to pay for the multi-year contract.
VetSnap Safes and Lockers are designed to fit in where they are needed. Safes are efficient form factor wise, but big enough for storing many containers of even the largest standard veterinary controlled drug bottles. The price and size means you can put your controlled drugs and high value inventory where you see fit. Bolt your safes against walls and floors to secure them from movement.


Controlled drug logging is a key component of the inventory control process. But often when there are mistakes or changes made, the updates do not correctly reflect in the records, and reconciliation for container balances can be wildly off. This can be a significant point of risk for audits. User access management can also be difficult.
VetSnap Safes and Lockers are an integrated part of our controlled medication logging and inventory management solution. This leverages best-in-class user access control, detailed and powerful record keeping and reporting, which together drive better outcomes and stronger accountability. Users can save time by quickly unlocking and logging controlled medications in one simple and smooth process flow. Time savings with improved inventory management can be possible, with VetSnap.
Unlock a world of possibilities for inventory control with VetSnap Lockers

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