VetSnap Lockers

A simple, flexible, and secure way to manage your hospital’s controlled drugs and high-value inventory.

No Contracts.
Affordable Monthly & Annual Subscriptions.
Own Your Hardware Forever.

Choose where to place your VetSnap-integrated lockboxes, and put your keys inside. Then, start unlocking the benefits of digitally managed dispensing, tracking, and reporting with VetSnap Lockers.

Manage user permissions for one or more VetSnap Locker locations, in person or remotely. All activities are user PIN code attributed with notes.

Log controlled drugs as usual, and automatically open lockboxes in real time. Alternatively, open lockboxes with a simple digital locker control panel.

Integrates with VetSnap controlled logbooks to create powerful record keeping and reporting. Know and control your inventory in real-time.

Unlock a world of possibilities for inventory control with VetSnap Lockers. Join our waitlist. Launching Soon!

Join our waitlist:

You buy the locks and own your hardware forever, and we provide the integration and inventory management software tied to your VetSnap Logbook. As of January 2024 we are supporting Igloo devices and more to come.

VetSnap Lockers Software Integration Subscription:
1st VetSnap Locker: $45 per month,
2-5 VetSnap Lockers: $42 per month,
6+ VetSnap lockers: $39 per month.