Make DEA Compliance a Snap

VetSnap’s digital controlled drug log software automates time-consuming logging and reconciliation tasks and seamlessly integrates with industry-leading PIMS

Why Our Hospital Staff Love VetSnap

Staying on top of your physical logbook is a time-consuming pursuit. Every dose and container must be tracked for every procedure, invoiced and reconciled with no room for error.


With VetSnap, DEA compliance is much easier than paper logs alone. Your paper logbook is transformed into a digital controlled drug log software in the cloud. Directly integrated with your PIMS, it automatically flags potential log errors, helps reconcile and track inventory levels, and is easy to learn and fast to use for your staff.  VetSnap is the answer for making compliance requirements easy to meet and track.


So You’re Wondering…

”Does VetSnap Fit My Hospital?”

Designed by a team with over 35 years of combined veterinary operations experience, and regularly improved with our hospital users’ feedback, VetSnap is created to serve the needs of hospitals of all shapes and sizes. Getting started with VetSnap is  cost-effective and can be as low as  $25/month per DVM, depending on practice size and logging needs. 
  • Emergency hospitals
  • Specialty hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • General practice hospitals
  • Mobile vets
  • Single practice veterinarians

Here’s How VetSnap’s Controlled Drug Log Software Works…

VetSnap integrates seamlessly with your PIMS solution and is accessible on any browser or mobile device

Tired of managing hardware and software? Don’t want to deal with inventory dispensing vending machines? Your VetSnap DEA drug log resides in a secure, always-on cloud environment. Integrations to your practice management software populates key patients and client information automatically within your logs, reducing manual entry time and errors.  


VetSnap is currently integrated with 123Pet, AVIMark, ClienTrax, Complete Clinic, IDEXX Cornerstone, DaySmart Vet (Vetter), DVM Manager, DVMax, ezyVet, Hippo Manager, HVMS, Impromed, Impromed Advantage, Impromed Equine, Intravet, Intravet SQL, Pulse (eVetPractice), Shepherd, Stringsoft, V-Tech Platinum, Via. 


For hospitals without a PIMS or one that doesn’t integrate with VetSnap yet, VetSnap Standalone Logbook is the right solution for you.

Key benefits for your practice:

  • No hardware, and no more tedious software  upgrades
  • Digital controlled log accessible everywhere
  • Simple to setup PIMS integration

Enter and Manage Controlled Drug Inventory

VetSnap helps you efficiently manage your inventory levels. Container, log, invoice, and NDC numbers, expiration dates are lightning fast to enter for bulk orders. Container quantity adjustment, waste, and physical counts are simple to manage and corresponding entries are automatically created.

Key benefits for your practice:

  • Make controlled drug inventory restocking and management faster than you could ever imagine
  • See a real time breakdown of quantities for your entire inventory wherever you are

Log & Invoice for Controlled Drugs

VetSnap makes the task of creating compliant log entries simple and fast. Let us do the hard work for you. Designed to be intuitive and familiar for anyone currently logging controlled drugs by hand, VetSnap logs follow an easy flow. Creating your digital log is 75% faster than doing it by hand, and your logs are legible, free of any math errors, complete with necessary information, and coffee proof and secure,

Key benefits for your practice:

  • Standardized simple recording process means significant time savings and error reduction
  • Clear warnings and auto-populated data ensures every log is done correctly
  • Accessible everywhere in your hospital, on mobile trucks, and on the go

Overnight Drug Log Reconciliation & Next-Day Fixes

VetSnap automatically compares and contrasts controlled drug log entries to corresponding invoices, highlighting discrepancies and providing recommended options for resolution. Save you and your staff the headache and time of trying to find the needles in the haystack. Use VetSnap’s reconciliation features so you can be stay compliant but also get time back for what’s important to you.

Key benefits for your practice:

  • Overnight automated review of drug logs to related patient PIMS records
  • Next-day presentation of potentially problematic logs in an easy-to-follow reconciliation view
  • Automatically highlights potential missing logs with a fast resolution process
  • Keep your log entries accurate and up-to-date, reducing the risk of DEA fines

DEA Compliance Reports

Audits are stressful. VetSnap helps simplify and speed up the process of procuring records requested by your auditors. These records are printable at any time, and with our search capabilities, you will be able to quickly hone in and respond to any follow up questions or deep dives that an auditor might ask for. In addition with every modification for every log clearly attributable by staff signoff, time, and changes made, VetSnap will help show that you’re putting in the best effort to stay compliant.

Key benefits for your practice:

  • Track your container from a day of restocking through finishing
  • Container status history report
  • Log entry report covering patient usage, waste, physical counts, and adjustments
  • Biennial reporting records
  • Search capabilities that speed up any audit requests
  • All views of records are printable, so you can share it on paper with auditors

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