VetSnap Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Digital Assistant

Generate timely and accurate PMP submissions in a few clicks. Reduce your state PMP compliance efforts significantly, and make in-clinic dispensing easy again!

VetSnap PMP Digital Assistant saves time, and makes the whole process easy to understand and follow. Capture more revenue more easily for only $50/month.

VetSnap PDMP

Why you should strongly consider VetSnap PMP Automation

If you’ve had to submit reporting through your state’s prescription monitoring program user’s portal, you know firsthand how tedious the process can be. VetSnap PMP Digital Assistant makes compliance for in-clinic dispensed drugs easier than ever!


With VetSnap, complying with state PMP reporting requirements just becomes part of your controlled logging flow (Please note, in order to leverage VetSnap PMP, your practice needs to be logging controlled drugs with VetSnap). Our intuitive and seamless process efficiently helps you aggregate all necessary dispense details for every patient.


Leverage our integrations and automations to reduce manual entry time and omission errors. Easily check and modify individual patient PMP log records for issues before submission, use your review panel to track reporting submission progress, and ensure nothing is forgotten.

It’s time! Say goodbye to tedious, manual PMP data validation and entry. Save yourself hours each week. 

Here is how VetSnap PMP works:

Create a log record for a dispensed prescription as you normally would any controlled drug

Select PMP filing option for the controlled log entry.

You can select manually or configure so specific drugs are default selected to avoid forgetting to file.

Leverage guided automation to quickly complete required PMP fields

There are 2 ways to quickly complete the important prescription details. For many fields, VetSnap can directly pull information from your PIMS. Alternatively, for many dispensed drugs, patients are often repeat customers, and VetSnap helps you populate the last PDMP details for simple referencing.

Easily track and review outstanding PMP patient records

VetSnap helps validate that mandatory information is present and in a compatible format, helping highlight any potential errors so your submission is fast and error free.

Generate your PMP files for submission with one click!

Select the patient records you want to submit, sign off with your approval, and create your ready to go PMP file that can be submitted in minutes within your state PMP portal.

Leverage VetSnap’s digital logbook and create PMP submission files in a fraction of the time.

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