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Digital Logbook for 

Small Practice

1 DVM Practice



5% discount paying annually

One-time $150 Setup Training Fee

Risk-free first month free

No contracts, hidden fees, or surprises

Digital Logbook for 

Medium Practice

2-5 DVM Practice



5% discount paying annually

One-time $150 Setup Training Fee

Risk-free first month free

No contracts, hidden fees, or surprises

Digital Logbook for 

Large Practice

6-9  DVM Practice



5% discount paying annually

One-time $150 Setup Training Fee 

Risk-free first month free

No contracts, hidden fees, or surprises

Please contact us for pricing on 10+ DVMs or unintegrated Standalone Logbooks

VetSnap PMP Digital Assistant

$50/mo, unlimited PMP submissions, regardless of DVM count


VetSnap Integration with Safes & Lockers

$50/mo for your first Integrated Smart Safe or Locker. Discounts increase as number increases. Own the hardware forever!

Why choose VetSnap Logbook for your veterinary practice:

Create DEA-compliant logs just in a few clicks

Spend up to 75% less time on each log entry

Log on desktop and mobile devices, in-clinic or on house-calls


Catch errors and reconcile automatically with seamless PIMS integration

Track controlled and high value drugs by containers with Locker integration

Make DEA compliance an easy task for your practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Switching from a paper logbook to a digital logbook is quite simple. VetSnap’s team of veterinary technician trainers understand your processes and needs and will work with you to complete the training and onboarding process within a few 1 hour sessions.

On the day of go-live you will “restock” your containers into VetSnap’s records, and start logging on your digital logbook.

Keep your paper logbooks! They are needed for audits in the future and you should retain them safely to the extent required for your state and per federal DEA guidelines, whichever is longer.

VetSnap is currently integrated with 123Pet, AVIMark, ClienTrax, Complete Clinic, IDEXX Cornerstone, DaySmart Vet (Vetter), DVM Manager, DVMax, ezyVet, Hippo Manager, Impromed, Impromed Advantage, Impromed Equine, Intravet, Intravet SQL, Pulse (eVetPractice), Shepherd, Stringsoft, V-Tech Platinum, Via. (Coming soon: Digitail and Cornerstone Cloud.)

For hospitals without a PIMS or one that doesn’t integrate with VetSnap yet, VetSnap Standalone Logbook is the right solution for you.

VetSnap’s Standalone Digital Controlled Logbooks are the perfect solution for those who don’t have a PIMS or are using a PIMS that is not currently integrated with VetSnap. We integrate with 2-3 PIMS each year, but do NOT wait to start using us. Our best-in-class record keeping, reporting, and audit support platform will keep your team in compliance much easier than your paper logbooks, and leveraging our newest features and products such as VetSnap Integrated Safes and Lockers will add additional layers of control, and help with missed charge capture.
We have a team of dedicated veterinary technicians who work with your team to have a tailored onboarding experience, because each hospital is set up a bit different from the next. We provide hours of live support and coaching during the first month of starting to help you and your team be successful in taking advantage of all the features and benefits that VetSnap provides to help you with compliance.

PMP is an acronym or prescription monitoring program, which is a critical part of efforts for collaboration between states and within states, to ensure that controlled medication that is prescribed and dispensed to patients are done so safely, and to prevent doctor shopping.

Not all states are required for veterinarians that dispense controlled medication to report this to their state PMP online accounts. Please check here for our last updated information of the states that mandate this for in-clinic dispensing. If you prescribe to a 3rd party pharmacy then this would not apply to you.

However if you do manual submissions of PMP reports for your state, you would know how challenging and clunky the process is, and that is why VetSnap has automated most of the submission process, saving you almost 90% of the time it would normally take to submit to your state PMP.

We currently integrate with the following products:
Yale SafeIgloo Smart Keybox 3 (please note if you buy this, you will also need at least one igloo bluetooth wifi bridge).


We will have more innovative solutions coming in the near future to provide new solutions for your practices, so stay tuned

On average a typical 2-5 DVM hospital will save 16 hours per month compared to manually logging and reconciling errors. VetSnap also helps with improving on missed invoices as part of the automated nightly error checking between controlled logs and invoices.

With the addition of VetSnap Integrated Safes and Lockers logging usage becomes part of the process for accessing controlled and high value medication, potentially saving additional thousands a month.

Finally, the most important thing to keep in mind is that with audits picking up, the risk of non-compliance is higher than ever, and the disruption of a failed audit could mean days if not weeks of lost productivity and significant fines and consulting fees.

VetSnap is the leading solution dedicated to helping hospitals with how they stay compliant and helps your hospital prove your effort in being a good steward and partner with the DEA in keeping a handle on your controlled schedule 2-5 medications.

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