VetSnap Practice Success Story

Anthony Animal Clinic

Busy companion animal hospital in Indiana simplifies controlled drug inventory management and logging with VetSnap
VetSnap’s Compliance and Logging Error Reconciliation Software Delivers Peace of Mind

“I really love VetSnap’s reconciliation function. With so many people using the medications on different days and during different shifts, I can go on the VetSnap website to see which vials are open and immediately catch and correct any counts that are off because somebody missed a usage log.”

Sarah Kerley, LVT, Anthony Animal Clinic

Make Staying Compliant

Every Day Easy

With VetSnap guiding the way, Anthony’s staff all follow the same compliant logging process, with logbook access customized to each individual

Simplified Inventory


VetSnap makes it simple, fast, and guided, to track the controlled drugs across the entire container lifecycle: restocking; opening; logging; reconciling, and finishing

Instantly Accessible


VetSnap maintains accurate, up-to-date records that are instantly retrievable, printable on-demand, and aligned with DEA compliance requirements, ensuring the staffs’ peace of mind


General Practice Clinic in Fort Wayne, Indiana


2 doctors & 8 employees


Companion Animals

Anthony Animal Clinic had to find a way to transform from casual drug logging in a paper log to something more efficient. The logbook was time-consuming and prone to potential inaccuracies. Practice Manager Sarah Kerley, LVT, tried to optimize the process using forms she found online, but nothing seemed to match her clinic’s workflow.


The clinic used hand-written forms, which led to billing errors and communication disconnects. Day-to-day inaccuracies were a possibility, especially when performing surgery. The practice’s logbook was set outside of surgery for easy access for other team members, yet those in surgery were at risk of incorrectly recalling the exact amount of injectables used or opened during procedures. Wearied by the burden of compliance risk, Ms. Kerley sought out a better solution.

Sarah happened upon a Veterinary Innovation Podcast featuring one of VetSnap’s founders, and she knew she had potentially found the answer in the company’s digital controlled-drug log software. Upon further research on VetSnap’s website, she became convinced that her clinic needed an easier and more accurate method for tracking controlled drugs.


Now, as a VetSnap practice, the whole team knows the status of every controlled medication. They save valuable time with the digital controlled drug log’s inventory tracking capabilities, including delivery, storing, logging, and inventory counts and true-ups. They also appreciate the overnight, error-checking auto-reconciliation because, before VetSnap, this was very laborious for staff. VetSnap’s daily report of drug logs mismatched to the PIMS records alleviates the need for manual checks, saving valuable effort now focused on caring for patients.

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VetSnap’s DEA compliant digital controlled drug log integrates with your PIMS to automatically flag potential log errors and help reconcile and track inventory levels.

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