Digital Logbooks, securing your logbook against loss, damage, and coffee spills

One feature that our customers love about VetSnap, is the ability to create records anywhere, without the need for different physical logbooks that require further reconciliation later. Whether it’s in the hospital, across multiple surgical rooms, in your mobile truck, or home office – VetSnap’s digital drug log is available from any device and keeps track and shows you a record of all container balances at all times.

With digital logs, you don’t need physical books anymore.  This means books can’t be lost or damaged and you’ll have all your logs available at your fingertips at all times. VetSnap adds an additional layer of validation and security by ensuring that any changes to your logbooks require a signature that is tied to a private PIN code. This means rather than locking your logbook away and making logging inconvenient, you can allow the right folks at your hospital access so your logs are done in time and securely. 

In addition to user and signer access control, you can easily manage signature permissions so folks can have different tiers of access. Furthermore VetSnap tracks changes and ensures that modifications have a change history that can be audited, strengthening your compliance security. With VetSnap, you have total control over your controlled substance logs. All your data is secure and accessible 24/7 in the cloud, with printable reports that you can keep on hand if needed.

We asked VetSnap’s CTO, Steven Elliott, to share a bit of how compliance, security and stability factor into our ongoing software development and infrastructure. Steven has spent 20 years of his career, last as VP of Engineering of a leading data processing company, designing and running high volume, high reliability, highly secure B2B and B2C environments.

At VetSnap, we are dedicated to ensuring your controlled logs are not only compliant but secure and fault tolerant. This means your logs are always safe and backed up in real time. We leverage Amazon’s world class infrastructure which allows us to achieve unparalleled uptime and security. All logs are fully encrypted and stored behind a firewall which prevents any unauthorized access. Our software is deployed across multiple data centers simultaneously which means it has extremely high availability even in the face of local outages. 

Within our software, we have fine grain permissions allowing only those with proper permission to access and/or modify your controlled logs. Any and all changes are recorded in a snapshot fashion, allowing you to audit with a time machine like view backwards in time of logging modifications covering the most important aspects of: Who, What, When, and Why? 

For all these reasons and many other features built into VetSnap's platform, we consider ourselves the gold standard when it comes to providing secure, reliable, and intuitive controlled logging compliance for your practice.

So there you have it. Hospitals that implement VetSnap can go from paper records to digital records in a matter of hours. Digital logging not only saves time and money, but it also gives you the peace of mind that your hospital is on top of its records, and those records are safe, secure, auditable, and ready when you need them.