Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report

Channel your inner auditor - Introducing VetSnap’s Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report 

You get that knock on your door and an auditor is standing on the other side. One of the most important things that they can fault you for is the quality of your record keeping. An auditor often spends a lot of time scrutinizing your controlled drug logbook. This is after checking all the basics, such as your policies and procedures, your security, etc.

For hospitals using VetSnap for digital controlled drug logging, all the recorded transactions combined create a complete view of your inventory from the day you receive it to the day that you finish it. These mandatory log entries allow VetSnap to create a Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report, ready for review by your auditor. They no longer have to deep dive and recreate this analysis manually from your logbooks, and this is a big deal. You’ve heard it during our webinars from experts time and time again. Auditors are accustomed to working with digital records these days.

The most common way for auditors to audit your records is to create a day-by-day accountability audit report based on your paper or digital records. The auditor picks a starting date and drug to audit, looking to ensure your records are air-tight and your on hand physical quantities match. For instance, they may ask when you did your last physical inventory count, and from here:

  1. They do a detailed day by day review, using your controlled log records to create a starting balance of what containers you have on hand, what state they are in (unopened or opened), and how much is in each one.
  2. Then they will use your logs to document how much was used and for what purpose through the entire day, including notes on the amount wasted.
  3. Finally, they will use #1 and #2 to calculate a total consumed quantity for each container and what their final state was. Any containers received on that day would also show up here as part of the ending balance.
  4. They repeat this process day by day, until they get to a present day balance, which is then validated against your on-hand quantity.

What would you rather have?

  1. An auditor looking at your paper logbook page by page, while sitting in your back office, getting more tired by the hour, manually tallying up each day’s balances to validate your logging accuracy. All the while having the opportunity to deep dive and pick at every record and notes, and maybe even post-its or scratched out comments – or,
  2. You can have VetSnap save you and the auditor the frustration and time, and instantly create a day-by-day audit report on demand. We all know the answer.

You’ve done the hard work of staying compliant with your record keeping, so put your best foot forward with our latest feature: VetSnap’s Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report.

We were unexpectedly audited at the animal shelter, where we had an onsite veterinary clinic. They requested to review our controlled substance logging. We set them up in the conference room, brought them our logbooks and supporting materials e.g. patient records, and they did a manual reconciliation. They asked us questions on records where there was a lack of clarity. It ended up taking half a day and we passed, but looking back at the time it was quite nerve racking.

Every hospital should include this day-by-day audit report as part of their regular review and reconciliation process. If they do this, there should be no surprises. This helps explain exactly what is going on, and demonstrates to a potential auditor, the understanding and level of effort that is being put into the management of controlled drugs by the hospital.

Day by Day DEA Accountability Audit Report example

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