How to automate your reconciliation and save time

Are you tired of spending hour after hour reconciling your paper controlled drug log?


Would you rather spend that time where it matters, like with your patients or home with your family?


Vetsnap allows you to get that precious time back by automating the reconciliation process while also catching errors immediately, not weeks or months down the road when the container is empty. No longer do you need to print off reports from your practice management system and cross reference it to your paper controlled drug log. VetSnap does all of that work for you by integrating directly with your practice management system to reconcile using invoices, and simply alerts you when an issue is found, while showing you where the discrepancy is.


Common discrepancies VetSnap can catch daily:

  • Missed log entries
  • Logged entries with no matching invoice (inventory used not documented within PIMS)
  • Mismatched quantity logged vs documented in PIMS (log says one amount, inventory in PIMS says different amount)


Every possible discrepancy is captured and you are made aware so proper resolution can take place.


None of us can make more hours in the day, but we can absolutely get some hours back by making controlled drug logging and reconciling easier. With a simple, automated, and user friendly solution, why wouldn’t you want to get some time back?