DEA Drug Log Compliance Checklist





Track your containers from start to finish:




 Track your usage clearly and holistically:





Keep an up-to-date accurate balance:





Validate any exceptional usage:

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  • Manufacturing and invoice information, and unique identifying name
  • Receive date, open date activities are all clearly tracked and signed off by staff
  • Date, amount used and wasted, client details including address, patient details, requesting physician, clear explanation of reason
  • Container(s) drawn from
  • Any modifications to the record, including additional amounts used, all clearly signed by staff
  • Ensure that your on-hand container balance is accurately reflected in your log balance (ideally daily), with errors corrected and documented
  • Be sure to clearly record at the appropriate level of detail your biennial inventory count, and any inventory counts done in between
  • Any adjustments to container balances must have 2 people sign off with one as a witness
  • Any container level waste must have 2 people sign off with one as a witness

How does VetSnap make this easier for you?
Simple intuitive training that lets you get started with just a few hours of training and setup.


  • Save time by auto-populating recurring information for drugs
  • Tracking the container status from unopened, to opened, to finished is auto-generated as part of restocking and logging
  • VetSnap integrates with your practice information management system, allowing us to auto-populate compliant details just by inputting an identifying field, e.g., patient number
  • Creating and modifying a log requires a valid signature PIN code
  • VetSnap automatically validates your logged quantities to your PIMS records to identify issues, making reconciliation a breeze
  • Creating a compliant physical count record takes seconds to do
  • VetSnap has safeguards in place to ensure that anything that may require a witness signature or other necessary information is filled appropriately, and if anything is missing, there are clear warnings