DEA Drug Logging Self Quiz

Does this sound familiar in my clinic?
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We keep a unique record of every single bottle, box, or vial of controlled drugs starting the day we receive it

When we log our controlled drugs, it’s clearly indicated which container we took the drug from

Our drug logs are written down in a timely manner with any adjustments made accurately reflected in the running balances (Do you see any post-its sticking out the logbook?)

Adjustments made to any particular drug log entries are documented with sufficient reason, and are signed and dated

When we finish drug containers, we’re fairly confident if we look back, the logs detailing the usages associated with the containers will balance to 0

Any non-patient related log adjustments made to a container, such as zeroing out a finished container or expiration waste, have 2 signatures

While calculating running balances on containers, we’re confident simple math errors are not being made

We believe the records are clear and easy to read if someone is reading them for the first time

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