How does VetSnap comply to federal regulations for controlled drug logging?

VetSnap is compliant to federal regulations for controlled drug log record keeping:


Specifically within Title 21 Chapter II Part 1304 General Information section 1304.04, paragraph C gives veterinary hospitals permission such that “Registrants need not notify the Special Agent in Charge or obtain central recordkeeping approval in order to maintain records on an in-house computer system.”

The importance of having a digital log that is durable, easy to read, and can’t be lost or altered, becomes more clear when you get to paragraphs B2, and B3. So, in summary, logging with VetSnap will ensure that your records are clear, easy to read, always accessible, printable if you need them on paper, and loss / coffee proof!


“(2) If the records are kept on microfilm, computer media or in any form requiring special equipment to render the records easily readable, the registrant shall provide access to such equipment with the records. If any code system is used (other than pricing information), a key to the code shall be provided to make the records understandable.”


“(3) The registrant agrees to deliver all or any part of such records to the registered location within two business days upon receipt of a written request from the Administration for such records, and if the Administration chooses to do so in lieu of requiring delivery of such records to the registered location, to allow authorized employees of the Administration to inspect such records at the central location upon request by such employees without a warrant of any kind.”


With VetSnap everything is easily accessible, and we help validate that important information that may be needed is included with every log.

Usage should be trackable at the container level. VetSnap makes this process easy, and also ensures the records include container information

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Each log should have patient information and comment on the reason for usage. VetSnap auto-populates detailed notes and ensures important information is captured to finish the log


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All records are printable at any time in case you want a paper or digital copy


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