New Multi-Drug Logging Feature

Oftentimes when logging controlled drugs, patients will need multiple controlled medications as part of their procedure. The general process to-date is to log each controlled medication in their own section, with the same mandatory information, and sign off on each log entry. Experts agree that real-time logging and accounting of usage is an important part of compliance best practices, but what if there is a more efficient and error-proof way to do this? There is!

VetSnap's new multi-drug logging feature allows you to quickly log all associated medications for a treatment with one click!

Start logging your controlled drug usage under any of the medications being used, and select the option to add additional medications to your logging process. Fill in the container and quantity information as usual for each of the medications. But now, when you log out your controlled medication, you have the option to associate all of the mandatory information for that log entry with all of the controlled drugs tagged within this process, assuming the reason for use is the same of course. Verify that everything is correct, and use PIN codes and digital signatures to complete the log entries in one single step.
VetSnap multi-drug logging for controlled medications makes compliance easier, faster, and more error-free by reducing repeat manual entries and simplifying the standard logging process. For many hospitals, this could mean many additional hours saved over the weeks and months during the important moments associated with treating a patient. More importantly, a smoother and more seamless process makes compliance pain-free and improves adoption and adherence for the medical team.

There is no reason to wait. Start using VetSnap for your controlled logging process and leverage multi-drug logging to simplify controlled drug logging.