VetSnap Practice Success Story

Canyon View Cares Veterinary Hospitals

Five Offices Ease Administrative Burden and Save Time Logging Controlled Drugs

VetSnap Is Rapidly Adopted and Logging Time Is Reduced Significantly

“VetSnap creates huge time savings for me personally and for the whole staff because it has a simple interface that makes it easy to learn its functions. The software guides us to double-check and meticulously track our logging but does so while saving us time. We have a lot less manual intervention now because VetSnap helps us ensure that we do things accurately the first time and tells us if there’s a problem.”

Jonathon Tonioli, MBA

Practice Administrator at Canyon View Animal Health Center

Tighter Security

Canyon View eliminates the potential risks of recording keeping inaccuracies with VetSnap. Error-checking, and logging with validation of completeness, ensures compliance to DEA requirements and creates a clear and auditable history for every drug

Check And Recheck

VetSnap’s nightly reconciliation process with PIMS records ensures that Canyon View logbook entries are accurate. In addition by container status, location, and usage quickly and accurately there is to retroactively correct during physical counts

Ease Of Use

VetSnap makes compliance less disruptive for operations. Authorized staff access the log book with their unique PIN codes, enter activities, and sign off in a snap. The staff spend less time while maintaining compliant logs, and get more time back for what’s important


Five Offices in Utah and Idaho


Five Doctors


Large and Small Animal Care

Practice Administrator Jonathan Tonioli found it challenging to manage controlled drugs across Canyon View Cares’ multiple offices. His existing solution allowed him to view office-by-office activities remotely, but they proved difficult for some staff members to use, required significant manual intervention, created inconsistencies, and allowed less-than-complete entries.


Jonathan said, “Lack of control was an issue – deciding who was allowed to create and change entries; enforcing users to sign for their transactions; guarding against unauthorized access.”


With doctors and staff shuttling among multiple clinics, aligning workflows and documentation procedures became an exercise in futility. Jonathan spent excessive time and resources reconciling records and chasing down missing information.

Jonathan learned about VetSnap from a VHMA email highlighting member benefits and helpful tools. He read the email on a Saturday and booked a demonstration the same day. It did not take long for him to sign on and begin implementing VetSnap’s platform throughout the Canyon View practice.


Mr. Tonioli appreciates VetSnap’s ability to compare PIMS records with drug logs and highlight discrepancies. This error-checking feature gives the multi-site practice the tool it needs to auto-reconcile omissions and inaccuracies daily, rather than trying to piece together activities long after the fact.


VetSnap has saved immeasurable administrative time and effort, and dramatically reduced Mr. Tonioli’s stress levels. He now rests easy knowing the practice is DEA compliant and staff members understand the criticality, and can all easily follow the same controlled drug documentation process accurately, completely, and in real-time.

Want to Achieve Similar Results?

VetSnap’s DEA compliant digital controlled drug log integrates with your PIMS to automatically flag potential log errors and help reconcile and track inventory levels.

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