Simplified, Automated Weight Tracking with VetSnap

We’re excited to announce a leap forward in simplifying and improving your DEA compliance, with VetSnap’s latest new weight tracking feature.


According to June 2020’s AAHA article “Maximize efficiency with a weight protocol for controlled substances” by DEA expert Jack Teitelman, CEO of Titan Group, weighing drugs helps “save you from doing convoluted math when reconciling your records”, and “will save you from struggling to explain the discrepancy during a DEA audit.


VetSnap’s latest feature allows you to keep track of DEA drug use, either directly by quantity same as today (e.g., ml), or through weight and quantity (e.g., grams -> ml). There are three major benefits with VetSnap weight tracking not found elsewhere with our digital log book:

Catch discrepancies in real time based on weight history. When you choose to track by weight and create a new log, we look through all past records to show you the most recent recorded weight. This is important because sometimes you may need to go back to an earlier log to make an adjustment, because a patient needed more of the drug.


When you weigh your container, you can verify if your starting weight matches the last recorded weight, and if not, then you are immediately aware of a discrepancy.

Automated Weight Tracking with VetSnap #1

VetSnap automatically asks for initial bottle weight when you open the bottle, and final empty bottle weight when you finish the bottle, all as part of our guided process, ensuring compliant records are kept for weight. VetSnap automatically creates an adjustment entry that helps you account for the actual amount pulled from a bottle, rather than taking the manufacturer’s standard quantity at face value. This helps you reduce a source of discrepancy, making your records more accurate and easier to reconcile.

Automated Weight Tracking with VetSnap #2
Automated Weight Tracking with VetSnap #3

VetSnap maintains a detailed and accurate record of a container’s weight history, with accountable tracking every step of the way. We do all this without getting in the way. The math is simple. Compliance is successful when it’s followed, and the easier you can make it the more it will be followed. Leverage our automation and guided processes to speed up the recording process while ensuring the right data is entered. Be ready with detailed weight records for DEA audits, while giving time back to yourself and your staff with VetSnap’s digital log book.