VetSnap’s Secret Sauce: Team, Technology, and Expertise

It’s been a little over a year since VetSnap released our controlled substance compliance logbook. Given the timing it felt appropriate for us to take pause, reflect, and share our journey and where we aspire to be in the future. We hope doing so will help folks understand our why as a company, and a bit more about who we are. 

To make our solutions user friendly and intuitive to learn, we focus first on people, then process, and finally technology. It helps that the majority of our team has extensive experiences in the veterinary field.



At VetSnap, our product roadmap comes from listening to our customers, asking the right questions, and understanding how to solve those problems in an unobtrusive manner. We are fortunate to be tackling a problem that exists for almost every hospital. Our challenge isn’t finding problems, but making sure we solve them appropriately.



Our product team is a confluence of veterinary professionals and technology design experts. Together, we identify the core issues with our customers’ help, understand how hospital staff are currently inconvenienced, and solve to remove that friction. Results can be big, like a brand new feature, or small like changing the order of a mouse click.



The constant of this ongoing process for improvement is people, and we can say with certainty that our people make up our secret sauce. Everyone at VetSnap stands behind our mission: the importance of raising awareness around controlled drug compliance and providing an approachable solution. For a technology startup, it may be a surprise to some that nearly 90% of the VetSnap team have been in our customers’ shoes, having served as technicians or practice managers at veterinary hospitals.

This is important because good software needs to be subservient to and respect the clinical process flow, and those processes are done by people. To deliver a good software solution means that the solution needs to be user friendly and intuitive, and what better litmus test than our staff. For VetSnap to continue to be at the cutting edge of controlled drug log compliance technology, our DNA must contain a healthy dose of veterinary medicine and compliance expertise.

I discovered VetSnap and I immediately fell in love with the product. So much so that I wanted to make its use mandatory for all of our current clients that are using paper logbooks. Why? Simply because I believe it is the most powerful, intuitive, and easy to use program on the market today. VetSnap was the first electronic DEA record keeping program that gave the ability to see every movement of the controlled substance supply chain, and gives advance notice if something fishy is going on, when your paper logbooks can't even hold a fishing pole, much less warn you of any impending problems.


This is why over the past year, and for as far as we can see going forward, we continue to partner with compliance experts for education and awareness. We create informative webinars and CE events for everyone in the veterinary community, and make these events open to the public. By partnering with experts, speaking with them, and sitting in on their webinars, we also ensure that our product continues to positively evolve in a way that helps our customers achieve compliance. 



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For those of you that have joined our 600+ and growing group of hospital sites, we’re looking forward to continuing to serve and innovate with you. To everyone in the veterinary community, we look forward to continuing our journey together with you on the path of controlled substance compliance, and seeing you at one of our future webinars. Thank you for everything that you do for our beloved pets.