Veterinary Innovation Podcast – Revisiting VetSnap 1 Year after Launch

It has been almost a year since we shared VetSnap with Ivan and Shawn on the Veterinary Innovation Podcast.

In this new episode we’ve reconvened to talk about our learnings and observations on this journey of building a compliance software company. Hopefully this should be relevant and interesting for both the veterinary audience as well as startups in the veterinary space.


We’ve grown a lot – from 15 to more than 400 hospitals and many more times that number of users. Meeting this growth requires solving for bottlenecks and identifying trends and responding to them as they emerge. As our user base continues to pick up, we continue to evolve as a company and team. It feels like we have transformed twice already (from 10->50 hospitals, and from 50->+400 hospitals), and as we’re looking at 1000+ all we know is we will certainly be a different animal *pun intended* in another year.


In our talk, you’ll learn more about VetSnap’s team, its growth through the year, and what makes our team members uniquely important for us as a company. You’ll also hear about how we think about our role in making compliance more approachable for hospitals, where technology can help, and where it’s still good old fashioned elbow grease that’s needed to ensure a compliant logbook.