How VetSnap Transformed Daily Operations at a Virginia-Based Animal Hospital

Veterinary professionals wear many hats – from providing top-notch patient care and fostering positive client relationships to ensuring the smooth operation of the entire practice. Often, the last thing they have time for is wrestling with confusing and time-consuming controlled drug logbooks. This daily juggling act became particularly challenging for one Virginia-based corporate animal hospital, where a hectic workflow collided with the frustration of antiquated paper logs. We’re excited to share how joining VetSnap transformed their daily lives.

vetsnap review from virginia hospital

Sara, the Practice Manager, and Sarah, her LVT, work at a corporate companion animal hospital in Virginia. They have 3 veterinarians on staff, are open 6 days a week, and have a bustling surgery and appointment schedule. Their team worked together like a well oiled machine, except for one critical snag: their time-consuming and frustrating struggle with their controlled drug logbook. Before VetSnap, the Client Service Representatives at Sara’s practice felt like they were running a marathon on an IV drip of caffeine and anxiety, fueled by looming PMP reporting deadlines. 

The high volume of submissions which often meant taking 1-2 hours to complete every day, especially after busy surgery schedules or medication pick-up days, meant juggling phone calls, client check-ins, and the constant pressure of deadlines. Meanwhile, Sarah and her fellow LVTs faced the daily hurdle of handwritten logs. The gigantic paper logbooks were cumbersome, time consuming, and, as Sarah aptly put it, “a lot more work than it needed to be.” Constantly searching for computers to access patient information, printing out new pages to keep the logbook up-to-date, and deciphering messy entries all chipped away at valuable time they could’ve spent catching up on notes, helping out a teammate, or taking a much-earned lunch break.

A colleague’s praise for VetSnap’s magic touch ignited hope in Sara and Sarah. A virtual Demo meeting about VetSnap confirmed not just logbook speed and accuracy, but a lifesaving feature: the PMP Assistant, promising a 90% reporting time cut for Sara’s CSRs. Onboarding was a breeze, and Sara’s team was up and running with VetSnap after just 24 hours of practice. PMP nightmares morphed into miracles as the CSR’s completed their daily reporting in just 2 minutes instead of 2 hours, allowing them to focus on the clients and taking a weight off their shoulders. Sarah’s favorite VetSnap feature was the auto-population of patient/client info while logging. 


No more hunting down computers or deciphering messy handwritten notes – Sarah could search by name or ID number and every log was pre-populated with accurate details, saving her precious time and reducing frustration. Plus, VetSnap handled all the math for her while logging, eliminating the stress of on the spot calculations and ensuring accuracy. Paper mountains collapsed, replaced by their new digital logbook.


It’s easy, it’s simple, VetSnap can get it done in a fraction of the time

VetSnap’s impact on this busy corporate hospital is a clear testament to its power to revolutionize veterinary workflows. When asked if they would recommend VetSnap, Sarah, the LVT, immediately exclaims, “Do it, it’s so worth it!”. 


Jump in, VetSnap is a game changer and time saver.


By sweeping away paperwork headaches and automating compliance burdens, VetSnap empowers professionals like Sara and Sarah to reclaim their time and focus on what truly matters – their patients, their teammates, and the unwavering dedication to animal well-being that lies at the heart of veterinary medicine.


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