VetSnap and DaySmart Vet Integration makes DEA Compliance Simpler than Ever 

At VetSnap, our goal is to provide a simple, fast, and accurate controlled substance logging solution for as many veterinary hospitals as possible. We are happy and proud to announce that DaySmart Vet hospitals can now access VetSnap’s powerful digital controlled substance log, with fully integrated capabilities linked to DaySmart Vet’s practice management software.


This integration helps significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create DEA compliant logs, and facilitates automatic reconciliation of potential logging discrepancies. There is never enough time in a veterinary hospital’s day, but now when it comes to DEA compliance, DaySmart Vet hospitals can rely on VetSnap to reduce stress, save time, and digitize their controlled substance record keeping.


“We’re pleased to partner with VetSnap to automate the controlled drug tracking process for veterinary practices,” said Ross Campbell, VP of DaySmart Vet. “Together, we’ll help DaySmart Vet customers save time, streamline operations, and increase DEA compliance by eliminating the need for paper logbooks.”


“It’s gratifying to cross this finish line knowing that there are many DaySmart Vet hospitals that have been waiting. We can’t thank the DaySmart Vet Team enough for partnering with us on this ‘smart’ integration. We hope to deliver a truly life changing experience for veterinary hospitals when it comes to DEA compliance, and look forward to our partnership in making DEA compliance easily doable and approachable for hospitals everywhere.” Yang Shi, VetSnap CEO.


DaySmart Vet provides cloud-based practice management software designed to help practices of all sizes improve patient care, streamline workflows, and achieve better work-life balance for their staff.


VetSnap is the first DEA compliant digital controlled substance drug log software that auto-reconciles to find logging errors. VetSnap provides an intuitive user experience with automation, that helps users be compliant with controlled substance management and saves massive amounts of time and stress.