Shepherd Software and VetSnap Integration

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that Shepherd Veterinary Software hospitals can now seamlessly access VetSnap’s robust digital controlled substance logging system, complete with deep integration with their practice management software. Shepherd Software and VetSnap have joined forces to bring you a seamless integration that will make your practice more efficient, organized, and […]

What is the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP/PDMP), and how do you effortlessly comply with your state’s requirements?

The Prescription (Drug) Monitoring Program (PMP/PDMP) mandates reporting requirements for practitioners dispensing controlled substances. Established primarily to monitor and prevent misuse and abuse of these drugs, PMP are crucial in every state for ensuring public health and safety. These programs promote accurate and timely reporting, which is essential in ensuring prescriptions are correctly delivered to […]

What should you look for in a controlled log book solution for your veterinary hospital?

VetSnap works closely with veterinary compliance experts and staff that are responsible for their hospital controlled drug logging compliance. Together we have identified critical features and capabilities that any hospital that wants to take control of their compliance should have in a drug log. “While paper logs may still be prevalent in hospitals, having the […]

Safe Disposal of Expired or Unused Controlled Drugs: Best Practices

expired drugs

Proper disposal of expired or unused controlled drugs is of utmost importance in the healthcare industry. To comply with DEA regulations, your practice must track the entire life cycle of substances used, including the proper disposal of expired drugs, all documented in your controlled substance records. Implementing an expired drug process will ensure proper and […]

Joining VetSnap: An Easy and Simple Integration Process

Integration journey

From Decision to Success: Navigating the VetSnap Integration Journey Hi, I’m Lacy, a proud member of the VetSnap Customer Success Team. In this blog post, I’m thrilled to share with you the seamless journey that awaits your hospital once you decide to join VetSnap. Our goal is to make the integration process as effortless as […]

VetSnap featured on the Veterinary Project Podcast

Yang, VetSnap’s CEO, and Cecilia, VetSnap’s Sales Director, were recently featured on the Veterinary Project Podcast! They delved into the amazing features of VetSnap, discussing how it simplifies drug management and promotes compliance within veterinary hospitals. They also shared fascinating insights about the creation and development of VetSnap, along with the team’s core vision and […]

Digital Logbooks, securing your logbook against loss, damage, and coffee spills

Provides Secure, Reliable, Accessible Digital Log Books

One feature that our customers love about VetSnap, is the ability to create records anywhere, without the need for different physical logbooks that require further reconciliation later. Whether it’s in the hospital, across multiple surgical rooms, in your mobile truck, or home office – VetSnap’s digital drug log is available from any device and keeps […]

VetSnap’s Secret Sauce: Team, Technology, and Expertise

VetSnap Team

It’s been a little over a year since VetSnap released our controlled substance compliance logbook. Given the timing it felt appropriate for us to take pause, reflect, and share our journey and where we aspire to be in the future. We hope doing so will help folks understand our why as a company, and a […]

Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report

accountability report

Channel your inner auditor – Introducing VetSnap’s Day-by-Day Accountability Audit Report  You get that knock on your door and an auditor is standing on the other side. One of the most important things that they can fault you for is the quality of your record keeping. An auditor often spends a lot of time scrutinizing […]

VetSnap totally rad at VMX 2023

VMX Tradeshow

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth! Co-founder Yang Shi joined staffers Cecilia Baer and Tiffani Hill at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo earlier this month. An estimated 18,000 veterinary professionals filled the Orange County Convention Center. Attendees spread across the convention center and the Hyatt and Hilton hotels. The enormous exhibit hall […]